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Between Life and Death



Moran Museum of Art

South Korea
Top Ten Finalist, Exhibited at Moran Museum of Art and Published in Moran Folly 2015 Book

My interpretation with ‘Between Life and Death’ is that they are essentially the same. They are part of sequential events that we recognize within seemingly infinite time that we all share. We unconsciously merge into time when we are born, to be present to share events with others, and when we pass away, we do so with consciousness and dissolve back into the continuous flow of time. Our consciousness is the only thing that defines our presence. We relay our consciousness to the following generations. Without it, we could not perceive time.


What I expressed in the sculpture is the duality between our consciousness and what inevitably and constantly flows around us.  We feel differently with each event in terms of the scale of time. Some events feel longer and have a large impact on your memory, while some events may pass by unconsciously and don’t exist in your recollections.  The emerging of events is uncontrollable and inconsistent. Each event seems to be framed separately from others to be stored in your memory. 

Moran Folly [2D Concept].jpg

Concept diagram

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