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Bathroom remodel completion!

Location: Vancouver, WA

Completion: 2022

General Contractor: Masterworks Tile Installation

The goal of this renovation was to bring warmth and light into the master bathroom in a home that belongs to a wonderful couple who loves to travel. This was achieved by a few simple changes; spatially and materially

The most significant move, was to eliminate the soffit above the shower to extend the vaulted ceiling. In doing so the perception of the space is extended. The shower threshold is also eliminated for a continuous floor, and a frameless shower enclosure integrates the shower into the room. A shower niche is recessed into the existing wall, giving back to the shower space. The large sunken tub is replaced with a more compact model to give space back to the bathroom.

Large scale porcelain tile with natural textures and warm undertones simplify and bring elegance to the space. The wainscot height tile ties the room together into a unified design. The natural oak planks on the far wall and ceiling draws the eye upward and accentuates the natural light coming from the existing skylight. The wood and tile share similar undertones and creates a seamless palette. New mirrors flanked by slim LED sconces visually extend the space and brighten the room. The existing vanity base, which received touchups and a new soft grey quartz countertop, adds richness to the space.

While existing plumbing lines are being reused, new fittings and fixtures elevate the bathroom quality. Finally, a towel warmer and radiant floor heating are the finishing touches to an extremely comfortable bathroom experience.

We thank everyone involved to make this design come to life. It has been a pleasure working with you!


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