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Ridgefield Residence - design concept

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Design concept

Today we would like to depart from the construction progress, and briefly go over the design concept behind the Ridgefield residence.

The main idea for this house is that the program of the house is separated into volumes by generous corridors that allow air and light into the space. A client priority was to have the living, dining and main bedroom suite have views to the mountain range. By additionally introducing a perpendicular axis, long sight lines can be made through the house. On the ground level, this axis directs the view to a Japanese garden; a moment of respite for the eye. In the basement, the axis extends from the family room through the reading room.

The shared spaces are open and not compartmentalized; clearly separated by function, but always visually connected. On the ground floor, this creates a feeling of airiness and luxury. The basement follows the same logic. But by scaling down, it has an intimate connection between the spaces.

Currently the roof framing is being set in, and this idea is starting to become visible. Please keep an eye out as we post images!


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