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Some new touches

This week we see some new elements that bring the project one step closer to being a family home.

The engawa deck, built from Port Orford cedar, has been installed with concealed fasteners. It will be allowed to weather naturally until the wood will accept a stain readily. The exterior stairs have been installed, and downspouts are in progress. Soon we should see guardrails and handrails for safety!

There has been lots of rain, but the exterior grading and area drains seem to be doing their job. We are waiting for the ideal conditions for the asphalt to be laid.

Inside, closet doors have been installed. (Thank you James Frank Construction for all the 1/4" reveals; They look wonderful. ) Stair treads and handrail have been installed, while balusters are on site and awaiting installation. Tile work is nearly complete with some grouting remaining. Trim work at the large windows have also seen progress, and millwork production has begun.

These small architectural details are bringing a new layer of scale and texture to the spaces!


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