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Re-Hab Tower


Evolo Skyscraper
Concept Competition 
Location: New York, NY
Evolo Skyscrapers 2
Future City

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Re-Hab Tower removes the urban environment from the surface of the earth, allowing the natural systems of the earth to replenish and rehabilitate itself.



Re-Hab Tower erects horizontal urban life into a vertical organization. This configuration reduces the physical footprint on the earth, minimizing the amount of exposed hard surfaces, runoff, and pollution. Currently, 30% of energy needs are dedicated to transportation. By condensing all functions and programs of the city into a vertical orientation, these energy requirements may be minimized.

In this proposal, the core tower houses vegetation and agriculture, feeding into the residential shell that spirals around it. The main city functions, such as commerce and industry, are located below ground, at the base of the tower. Transportation to areas beyond the city also happens below ground, hidden from visibility. The expanse of land which used to be occupied by a sprawling city will be restored to naturally governed landscape. By removing city activity from the exposed surface, the earth may rehabilitate itself, replenishing its resources, and once again be maintained by the natural laws of the ecosystem.

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